What Is a Tech Virtual Assistant and How They Can Help Your Biz?

tech virtual assistant

You may already be familiar with the term Virtual Assistant. Perhaps as a business owner, you might already be working with one. But do you know the difference between a virtual assistant and a Tech virtual assistant?

Nowadays, technology has a significant impact on your business operations. It provides a better approach to manage your business more efficiently. And as a small business owner, you are ready to adapt and embrace the new technology to operate your business effectively.

A Tech virtual assistant can be the perfect partner to manage the backend of your business. So, keep reading to have a better grasp of the advantages of working with Tech virtual assistants. 

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant, a.k.a. VA, is a self-employed individual who provides services to small businesses and entrepreneurs from a remote home office. They help business owners free up their time to focus more on other tasks that directly impact their business revenue.

VA’s usually perform administrative tasks like; email and calendar management, plan travel arrangements, database entry, etc. However, some virtual assistants specialize in a specific skill set or service.

Here are few examples of the different types of virtual assistants:

Social Media Marketing VA’s usually create and implement strategies for your social media to grow your audience and improve your online visibility.

A Content writer VA’s help you write articles, blog posts, newsletters, etc.

A Bookkeeping VA’s help you with the cash flow and financial areas of your business.

And of course…

Tech VA’s are the ones who are more focused on the tech stuff of your business. They can help you with your system setups, integrations, automation, funnel setup, online course or membership setup and management, website design and maintenance, troubleshoot and fixing technical errors. 

They may specialize with two or three platforms and may not be experts on all the systems and platforms (well, that’s impossible because there’s TON’s on the market). But, they are tech-savvy and able to grasp new systems and tools quickly that businesses need.

How to know if your business needs a Tech VA?

As a small business owner, you wear multiple hats and try to fill different roles within your business. 

But sometimes, your business’s tech side is not your zone of genius, and you find it so confusing and overwhelming. Maybe you are comfortable with tech stuff, but you don’t have time to learn it, or you don’t find it the best use of your time. 

If this sounds familiar to you, then your business needs a Tech virtual assistant!

What are the benefits of working with a Tech virtual assistant?

Sometimes doing everything yourself isn’t the best way forward. You need to look at your priorities in terms of time and money and see what could be outsourced to simply get it done while you work within your own “zone of genius.”

Having a Tech VA in your team can make a huge difference. When you have the right person, you can easily hand over all the nitty-gritty of tech, so you can focus more on serving your clients and scaling your business. 

Here’s an example; If your business has a website, it is a lot of work maintaining it, fixing the broken links, updating the website plugins. Your Tech-Savvy Virtual Assistant can manage all of the backend work for you so your website can run smoothly. When your website runs at its peak performance, it can bring more visitors, which means more opportunities to generate qualified leads.

Tech can be daunting sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be! Don’t let it hold you back from building and growing your business. Go on and strive more for your journey as you take action. There is more growth awaiting your business!

If you’re interested in working with a Tech virtual assistant, check out my services HERE or You can also book your FREE consultation call so we can discuss how I can help you and your business. 

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