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Hello, I'm Nora!

Wife, boy mom, an expat passionate about helping online business owner (like you) succeed!

I know that the road to success can be a bumpy one, filled with potholes of stress and chaos.

That’s where I come in. As your OBM, I’m here to be your strategic partner, right-hand person, and sanity saver. I specialize in optimizing systems, managing projects, and handling the day-to-day operations that can easily overwhelm even the most dedicated CEO (like you!). I will work closely with you to understand your unique vision… and together, we will build the foundation for your success!

Ways We Can Work Together



60-minute in-depth audit on your business's key systems to uncover what's working, sift through what's not, and create a clear roadmap that will set you on course for sustainable growth!


BIZ Operations

Ongoing monthly support to help you manage your day-to-day online business operations so you can finally focus on the stuff that only YOU can rock in your business.

Why Work with Me?

Client Love

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Nora is an absolute life saver! 
I needed to migrate my website from one hosting to another and was totally out my depth. In the meantime my website was “down”, so detrimental for my little business. Nora stayed calm and came up with an alternative solution which worked in fraction of the time.

I know I am in the best of hands with her. Thanks so much, Nora!

Britta M.
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Nora has always been an incredibly supportive asset in my business. Her abundance of skills, business acumen, ability to problem solve, and her always-positive demeanour has made her an absolute pleasure to work with.

Afton N.
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Nora is fantastic and very easy to work with; her communication was great. The turnaround was quick and on schedule, and she executed what we wanted.

The best part about working with Nora is that she made things easy, we gave her a vision, and Nora got the job done!  

We highly recommend Nora to anyone who is looking for help with their project.

Jamie A.
As set out by the IAOBM, I operate according to these five

Core Values


We do what we say we'll do, and we do the right thing because it is the right thing, regardless of who is looking.


We raise up our clients, our colleagues, and our community; we value and incorporate all voices, and we work together for the collective benefit to achieve our goals.


We deliver on our promises, take ownership of our contribution and we follow through on results for our clients.

Problem Solving

We are results-driven and solutions-focused; we look for root causes, are forward thinking and positive.


We put quality work and a commitment to growth at the heart of what it means to be a Certified Online Business Manager® .

So, how did I get here?

My Story

My journey is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and the pursuit of dreams. A decade ago, I decided to step away from the hospitality industry to be at home and devote my time to the most important job of all—raising my son. It was a choice born out of love, a decision to be present for every milestone, every laugh, and every challenge. I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything. 

However, as my son started his journey into independence, so did my desire to contribute more to my family and pursue a professional passion, leading me to the online business world.

So, I started on this online journey with a clear goal: to leverage my skills while maintaining the flexibility to prioritize my family —my venture as a Virtual Assistant began. It was the perfect blend of supporting my family and doing what I love.

Fast forward to 2022, and a new chapter unfolded. As I’m honing my skills and learning more about digital marketing, I am yearning for a more strategic role, a position where I could dive deep into systems, orchestrate strategies, and actively contribute to the growth of my clients’ businesses. This desire pushed me to take a significant step—I decided to formalize these ambitions under the expert guidance of the International Association of Online Business Managers (IAOBM).

In 2023, I completed the certification program and earned the title of Certified OBM®. The program has equipped me with the skills to not just assist but strategically elevate and propel businesses forward.


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