8 Free Tools to Jump-Start Your Online Coaching Business

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Nowadays, technology has made online coaching a viable career for those who want to start a home-based business. According to a study from the International Coaching Federation, face-to-face coaching decreased aggressively after COVID-19 (by 74%), and online coaching has become wildly more popular, as it’s increased by 57%. 

However, creating a successful business is about putting together the right systems and processes, and when you are just starting out, you always try to find a way to cut down costs.

If you’re ready to give online coaching business a go without breaking the bank, here are the free tools to help you streamline and organize every part of your business:

1. Social Media Platforms

Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc., are absolutely 100% FREE of charge for its user. According to statistics, people nowadays spend more than 140 minutes a day on social media. That means, with the right strategy in place, social media platforms are a great way to promote your business, reach your target audience, share your expertise and grow your influence as a coach. 

2. Canva

If you want to DIY (Do-It-Yourself) your branded materials for your business to save up the cost of hiring a full-scale professional branding and graphic designer. Canva is an excellent design software you can use for your business. You can create branded materials — everything from logos, infographics, social media posts, invoices, marketing material, etc. It offers thousands of free templates, photos and graphics, and hundreds of fonts. 

3. Calendly

Once you build your audience and connect with your ideal clients, you need to have a booking system where they can book a clarity call or coaching call with you. Calendly is a powerful 24-hour scheduling tool that allows clients to book a call without a hassle. All you need to do is block your available time and day, share your link on your Social Media or send it directly to your clients who will book their call based on a suitable, available time. 

4. Eversign

If you’re considering creating a contract for your long-term packages that are over 6 weeks long. Eversign is a user-friendly platform to send a contract for digital signature in a fast and efficient way. They have a free tier called Lite that allows users to send 5 contracts a month.

5. Paypal or Stripe

As part of your sales process, you need to have a payment system in place. Paypal and Stripe are the most commonly used payment processors. It’s free and easy to use. Also, it makes the payment process a breeze to your clients.


Zoom is the most used platform for 1-to-1 and group calls, hosting training sessions, and webinars. You can easily integrate ZOOM with your calendar, and it does not require your client to have an account to join a call. You can also record and share your sessions with your client through simple links.

7. Trello

A free project management system that helps you organize your online coaching business to stay productive and efficient. It’s a great tool to keep your projects, to-do lists, etc., all in one place.

8. Google Drive

​Google Drive is completely free. It’s the best online tool to save all your documents in one place. The whole suite of google tools includes email, calendar, documents, spreadsheets, slides, and forms. Not to mention, you can also easily share files with your clients. No matter where you are, the files you need are always right there at your fingertips.

My biggest advice to you is this

Start simple, and keep it easy for yourself. You don’t have to jump right into using tools and systems that cost hundreds a month (unless you really want to). These tools are free to kickstart your business and can be upgraded anytime as you work your way to a profitable and scalable online coaching business.

No matter what, just keep going! Focus on what you love to do — helping people and changing lives.

Here’s to your first five or six figures!

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